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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Card Table Playhouse

It is so fun to have the girls come to play. Some days they like to "iron".

Or make the sofa into a boat. Hannah called this cargo ship her "quite contrary" boat that would take you to Africa. ??
It is fun to put blankets over a card table to make a little house.

And put pillows on the inside and snuggle in! That got me to thinking -

How fun it would be to make a cardtable house.

Someone I knew used to have one.

So I "googled" card table play house. There were quite a few sites.

I could buy one - but wouldn't it be better to make one myself?

So I got my creative juices flowing.

Put together ideas from one site and another, made up some ideas and began sewing.

A cooking chopstick makes a great tool to push stuffing down a "pole".

I have to tell you that I am NOT a great sewer. Did not take home ec and learn how. My mother tried to teach me. She is SOOOOOO good at sewing!! She wanted to make my wedding dress. That was too stressful for me to think about. She did make my prom dress back in '73.

She was making quilts by the time she was 12.
I know my mom was patient with me while I learned to sew in highschool.

I made that smock top. Infact, looking at my old photo album, I realized I made a lot of my smock tops that were so popular back in the '70's. And stitched flowers on my geans.

I got my sewing machine when I graduated from highschool.

It was my graduation present.

Usually when I sew, I get into jams like this.

I won't let anyone don't look at the "house" too closely!!

Uneven stitches and all.

In spite of my lack of perfectionism with sewing skills, I think the playhouse turned out ok.

The girls loved it!!

Hannah spent about an hour making letters to put in
the green mail box.

When Elijah grows big enough, I will have to sew a card table fire house!


Momma H said...

Your house is fantastic, Debby! You are so incredibly talented and creative. I made lots of houses when I was a kid, out of leaves, dirt, lawn funtiture and blankets, etc. Your house is WAY better than any of mine were. But I sure enjoyed the play.

Melissa Jensen said...

really really cool!!! Your so fun and creative!!! Great gma!!!

Amy said...

Very cute! Love all the details you added!

kelli said...

that playhouse is absolutely darling debby. i think you can call yourself a seamstress now!

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

That is GREAT, Debby....I love it. Also, I LOVED looking at the photos of you and Allen -- nice prom dress :)

Julie said...

What a neat idea! I think it looks perfect and am quite impressed. The girls will love that for years. :)

Nate and Kristin Piston said...

Debbie that is SO neat!! I loved the idea! and you did such a great job! I will have to pass that onto my mom so she can see about making one for my nieces :)

Julie said...

how cute!!

Anonymous said...

WOW - that is really special.

Cleta Smith

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

VERY CUTE!!! You are quite the "crafty" person! :) Our granddaughters would LOVE that!

The "glowing" card for Rich was really cute, too!


Aaron and Shannon said...

That's amazing! I'm sure they love it!

The Sieberts said...

how much would you charge to make me one! :)

geigercounter said...

Debby, What a cute card table house! You did a fantastic job. The girls have one special Gma!

Anonymous said...
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