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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garage sales

It is so fun to go garage saling!
Today I went with Jill and the girls.
Here are the girls with some of their finds.

They have a little coin purse that has some quarters in it and they pay for their finds from that.

It was getting close to lunch and Sophia said "I'm hungry!! My tummy is FULL!" (huh? a little confused perhaps?)

We decided to go to this wonderful place - we really love frozen custard.

Here is a little video to show the girls with their happy tummies.

We are ice-cream lovers - except my husband not so much. Jill can't eat a lot of it either as both have an intolerance of it. They love it, but not what it does to them.

I forgot to post these pictures when Aunt Mindy stopped by. We HAD to go to Braum's.

Yay summer! Yay ice-cream! Yay garage sales!

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Amy said...

Gretchen just wore that little frog shirt yesterday! :)