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Friday, June 11, 2010

Tonight was Kidron's Celebration. Kidron is the retirement center where my parents live and also my Aunt Millie.

Dad was manning the dunk tank. Adam decided to try it. Slam dunk!

It was a horribly humid, muggy, sultry night. The dunk tank actually looked inviting!

Here is the supper line. Hog Wild was catering.

There were games for the kids.

Hannah was not so sure about this inflatable.

She watches Sophia...

...and thinks she might try it too.

A little hesitantly.

Yay! It is fun after all!

They ended up doing it over and over and over!

Their friends from church also came so they had a blast!

There is also an auction.
(We didn't stay for it since the kids needed to get to bed.)

Somebody had donated this coffin for the auction.

You know that saying "You can't take it with you"?

Evidently whoever buys this coffin will try to do just that.
If you look closely at the pillow,

even that is lined with money.

Poppy seed roll (mack-kuchen) always goes for a lot of money.

My husband LOVES poppy seed roll.

It is a traditional German thing he grew up with.

I don't care for it. I'd rather eat seaweed any day! But that is what I grew up with.

I should bake it for him, but it is an art.

Sometimes I'll find it and buy him one.

They go for around $25!

Unique items.

Those make me sad. They remind me that we aren't going to Dauphin Island for our vacation. We cancelled that. Luckily got all our money back. But it is especially sad for all those people in the Gulf whose lives are devastated by the oil disaster. Who knows how long before that mess is cleaned up and people can begin fishing again or when the beaches will be open again. And when we can go there for a fun vacation.

These cool dudes enjoyed the Celebration at Kidron!

Thank you for inviting us, Grandpa Pete and Grandma Lois!

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