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Saturday, July 24, 2010


I love storms - as long as they aren't tornadic! Tornadoes make me nervous.


While watching the approaching storm, I got a call from a friend from church wanting to know about the playhouse we made under the stairs that I had posted about earlier. I have been wanting to write again about it since we now have the outside of the playhouse done. Infact, it is almost all done now.

So, welcome to 624B (B for basement). 624 is our house number.

As you can see, our basement is still a work in progress. Floor isn't in, nor baseboards or trim. But the playhouse was priority for the grandkids to play in so that has come first.

I love the roof shingles! Compliments of Dave and Marilyn. I was looking for these and just couldn't find them. I knew they had this on the outside of their house and they had some extra. Thanks so much, Reimers!!

Come on inside!

Hannah helped me paint the fireplace.

People have asked me about the sofa - it is from Hobby Lobby. With their wonderful 40% off coupons that you can either get in the Sunday paper or print off on-line, it helps the price!

The chenile rug was mine when I was a little girl.

The doll sitting on the sofa is now dressed like a girl, but when our son Josh (who is grown now) was learning to potty train, I found this doll at a garage sale. I used it to show Josh how to go to the bathroom. The doll has a little hole in its' bottom so it would "pee" while sitting on the potty chair (after I gave it some water) I used the book "Potty Training in Less Than a Day" which really did work. I used it on both my nephew Brandon and on Josh. The poop part didn't so much work, however. And it didn't work on my girls. This doll's name back in the day was Adam.

I found this kitchen set at a craft fair back when the kids were in elementary and junior high. I just knew it was a bargain and was worth buying "for someday for the grandkids". My family laughed at me back then, but now I think they realize I was being wise and thinking ahead.

The doll on the right is Keiko-chan. Back when we lived in Wichita and the kids were little, this doll belonged to my best friend, Kiyoko-san's daughter, Keiko-chan. When they returned to Japan, they gave us the doll. We named her after Keiko.

The doll in the middle I purchased in McPherson on one of the outings my Biblestudy goes on annually at the end of the year. I saw her and just gasped because I thought she freakishly looked so similar to Hannah! Not that Hannah looks freakish. Just that a doll that looks so much like someone is a little freaky. Only Hannah's eyes are blue and Zoe's eyes are brown.

As you round the corner, there is a spot for doll clothes and an ironing board. We have cut out this little window. That's the one thing not finished yet. Al will trim it out and I will sew curtains for it. The kids enjoy looking out to the family room.

Here is looking into the playhouse from the family room.

And here is the dollys' bedroom.

Looking out from the diningroom.

I hope you enjoyed the visit!
Please come sometime for tea!


Anonymous said...

this is just so very precious. What a wonderful play space!

Aaron and Shannon said...

Wow Debby! That is pretty amazing! Your granddaughters are very lucky to have you in their lives!

The Sieberts said...

debby that is AWESOME!!! you are such a FUN grandma!!! did you paint all of that?? never knew you were such an artist!

Melissa Jensen said...

debby, I am in AWE!!! I love it!! I want to come and play. How cool are you? All your grandchildren are super lucky to have you in their lives!You are creating memories that will last forever!!!

Amy said...

That is so fun, Debby! Hannah and Sophia will have such great memories of the time they spent playing at Grandma's house!

Amanda said...

that is little girl HEAVEN!

Nate and Kristin Piston said...

debbie looking at those pictures makes me want to jump back to being a little girl playing house with my dolls. I would have spent hours and hours in that little playhouse!! Such a creative & amazing idea!

Momma H said...

Love the artwork on the walls. You really are amazingly creative!

The Boccias said...

That is AWESOME.