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Monday, July 19, 2010

splash park

Saturday evening while Jill and Adam went on a date, we took the girls to a celebration at the new city splash park. They had a petting zoo:

And pony rides:

Then the girls cooled off at the splash park.

I missed the shot where this little boy's trunks (and diaper) slipped down. It was just hilarious!

There is one of the Dewey grandchildren too!

And another Dewey grandchild. The kids were having so much fun! We had hoped you would come too, Rich and Carolyn. Too hot for you here in Kansas?

They were giving out free rootbeer floats. The girls just wanted ice-cream though. Hannah claims that pop is too spicy!

As we were leaving, the Friesen's showed up so we gave them our parking spot. They were celebrating Luke's 2nd birthday. Happy birthday, Mr. Luke!!
Adam and Jill had a fun time and so did we!!


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Thanks for your parking spot :) It was a good one!!!! I would've partaken in the root beer floats, but I was pretty full from Luke's party. I'm sure they were tasty, though.

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Sorry we missed all the fun Sat night. We were at the Olson's playing games. TOO HOT in Kansas???? You betcha!

Looks like you had a fun time.