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Monday, October 11, 2010

Florida, Part I

Last Monday, Allen and I flew to Orlando, Florida. No, we didn't go here. We drove by it. Infact, the hotel where we stayed was right by it. Someday, we would love to take our grandkids!! Allen had a meeting in Orlando with Med Assets, a consulting and revenue cycle management service group for health systems, hospitals and healthcare providers. The meeting was at the Grand Hyatt, a very nice 5 star hotel which recently underwent a $45 million remodel!!

These are the elevators inside the lobby.
We were greeted by this parrot. Mellot. He would say "Hello, Mellot." The 't' is not pronounced so it rhymes, like "hello, mello". One day as I was watching, I said "Meow" to which Mellot answered "Here, kitty, kitty." We all burst out laughing. He also imitated a horse.
Our room was decorated so fancy! We aren't accustomed to 5 star hotels, so we were impressed.

The grounds includes 5 restaurants, pools, hot tubs, lake, bike and jogging trails and golf course. While Al was at meetings, I kept busy exploring.

There were these signs around the lake. It made me a little nervous when we went out on the lake in the paddle boat. I was hoping I wouldn't fall in and get gobbled up.

I met another wife by this bridge and I noticed she was doing her Bible study. And I recognized that she was doing a Beth Moore Bible study! We had a good chat.

The hotel has 12 waterfalls.

And you could swim under the "caves".

It was luxurious and so very relaxing! Allen's conference finished Wednesday afternoon. We decided to spend a few more days in Florida before returning to Kansas. I will share more about our next days in another post.

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Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...


Looks gorgeous! Much like the Hyatt on Maui (we don't stay there, but stay at the Marriott next door.) Maui pool also has caves. And they have parrots as well. Must be a Hyatt thing.

Hope you were REFRESHED!!!