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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Florida, Part 4

Can you guess what this is? (The answer will be at the end of this blog.)

On our last full day in Florida, I thought we might have to just go to Orlando and check right into our hotel. Allen woke up not feeling well at all. A very bad sinus infection. I let him sleep in and then we spent the morning just sitting on the beach. When it was time to check out he said he was up to sightseeing. He had loaded up on meds and said he felt ok so we drove to Fort De Soto Park, a park made up of 5 inter-connected islands. There is a stone fort there that was built during the Spanish-American War that you could explore. And it was used also when America felt threatened from Cuba.

There was a couple there from Maine who wanted us to take their picture, and then they took ours.

As we were walking to the pier, I heard a mockingbird. I LOVE the sound of the mockingbird!

Once again, lots of pelicans.

A great white egret came flying in to the pier.

There was this guy throwing a fishing net into the bay.

He caught several fish at one time

and cut off the heads and tails. Gross. (Al likes to fish but to me it is just gross to kill something)

The egret was just waiting for him to throw those parts away!

There was quite the excitement when this fisherman could not pull his line in.

There was a bottlenose dolphin who was eating his catch from the other side of the bridge.

Another fisherman came over to hold his fishing pole and he went to the other side to try to reel in the line. The dolphin won and got his fish.

The tide was coming in and the water was just rushing in. All these little fishies were swimming against the tide. If you look close, you can see this brownish blob - it is a stingray!

The gulls were having a feast on those fishes!

What fun watching several dolphins snacking on the fishermen's catches. Well, amusing for us, but maybe not so much for those fishermen. Although they seemed to be having a game of it.

See what is left of this man's catch.

And then there were those who were able to reel in a catch.

It was fun to interact with the local fishermen and have some good laughs. We left the park and headed to the Phinellas Bayway bridge. On the way we saw some bald eagles but I could not get their picture. Here is a picture of another fisherman and birds waiting for their handouts.

What an interesting bridge!

The next stop was Hillsborough River State Park. I had seen pictures on-line and thought it would be a good place to visit. Our GPS did not have it but I followed a paper map and we found it. Our GPS was not real good. "She" would give us directions to turn after we passed a place, for example. We named her La La Linda. Off in lala land half the time.

Hillsborough State Park - they say they have alligators and I wanted to see one, well, from far away. Supposedly they have bears too but luckily we didn't see those either!!

We heard rustling, and we stopped to listen. Birds? Bears?? Alligators???


Armadillo. We saw several of them.

I thought maybe I saw 2 eyes sticking out of the water but couldn't tell for sure. We were told this place has lots of alligators and to stay on the path. After hiking around the park, we headed for Orlando. La La Linda took us way out of the way, through a neighborhood I wasn't so sure we should be in and finally said "You have arrived" by an empty field. Around the corner was our Holiday Inn Express.

We freshened up and went to a local Mexican restaurant. It was so delicious!! And there was a live mariachi band who serenaded us!

A wonderful ending to a great time in Florida!


Now to the answer to the question of what the picture is at the top of the blog. Did you guess? It is the inside of this cannon.


The Sieberts said...

a seashell? kind of looks like you're peering into one with the camera...

Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

I've got to take time and read parts 1-3. This was very interesting--I enjoyed your descriptions (think there's another word for it, but I'm having a senior moment here). I also thought the canon was a seashell. I can't think of two people who deserved this more than you.