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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy NewYear'smass!

We did not have our family Christmas on Christmas Day since our son and his family could not be here. They arrived on Friday and on New Year's Day we celebrated our Christmas -

Happy New Year'smass!

When I was growing up, we had an advent log and when I got married, I asked Dad if he would make me one too.

The grandkids put on their Christmas shirts that Jill made.

We aren't really "into" Santa. We celebrate Baby Jesus' birthday! That is really what it is all about! But we got a Santa outfit that used to be my Dad's. Mom sewed it for him when we lived in Japan. Now that they live at Kidron Bethel retirement center, Dad has been Santa for the elderly many times too.

We thought it would be fun this year for Santa to come and pass out the stockings.

Sophia was really quite hesitant about him. Even though she knew it was Papa. She was not abouts to let him hug her!

I always put socks in the stockings and a chocolate Santa or angel.
And lots of little things I think each person will enjoy.

Eli loves remote controls. I suppose most boys do!
We found one we don't use anymore to put in the stocking.

(he is really a drooler!)
A girly pepper spray for Mindy.
I told her she has to attach it to her key ring.
(from a concerned mom!)

Santa left for the North Pole. When Papa came back from his "bathroom break", we sang "Away in the Manger" and "Happy Birthday" to Baby Jesus.

Gift time!

Hannah loves her pink binoculars.

Now she and Papa can both look at the stars!

Happy New Year!


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Kendall Smith said...

Looks like fun!!!!! It's fun to see how different people celebrate Christmas--you have a wonderful family!