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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More NewYearsmass times.

My brother, Dave and his wife, Linda and my nephew, Brandon and his daughter, Layla all came from Kansas City this past Sunday for the Voran Christmas celebration.
I fixed chicken. I brown chicken breasts for 30 minutes or more - I add Montreal chicken seasoning to it first - then the last few minutes top it with provolone cheese and fresh spinach. It is really good! We also had wild rice, carameled sweet potatoes and fruit.


Emeri applied her beautiful pink chapstick (lipstick)!

Eli learned to climb the stairs and went up and down - and up and down - and up and down....

My faucet broke. This was not how Al wanted to spend his Christmas vacation, but it was good to have Josh's help. We ran to Wichita 9 pm and got a new faucet to install the next day.

I made LOTS of meals. Feeding 11 - 17 people every meal. As an empty-nester, I was not used to that. Here I am making home-made pizza. Made one deep dish all meat and one pepperoni 12". I made the pizza dough with pizza dough yeast that was just scrumptious!

Wonderful family times!

This afternoon I took down all the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree. It was just a little sad. Now I need to write thank you notes and also put up all the pictures we received from friends on my "friends" bulletin board!

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