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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Orange we glad?

Daddy and Mommy went on a date, so Hannah and Sophia came over for the afternoon. We decided to have an "orange" lunch!

Sophia counted out the carrot sticks and the cheetos.

Hannah dished out the oranges. Poured orange juice into cups (apple juice for Sophie). Inserted orange straws.

A very orange meal! "Orange" we so glad to have grandchildren over for lunch?!

We talked about having a green lunch and what foods we would fix for that.

After lunch, we had a little rest time. Listening to old record storybooks.

Then it was time for some exercize! (for Papa)

Snow angels!

Building a snowman.

Al: What concerns me is all the yellow spots in this snow. Hannah, don't eat it!!

Sophia: That's definitely funny, you know!

Time for a snowball fight!

Sledding down our little hill in the backyard.

Time for hot cocoa!

With LOTS of marshmallows!

I discovered something very unusual in my freezer!

We had "snow" much fun!
"Orange" we so happy!


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

You do such fun things with your grandkids!!!! Looks like another fun day! And, to answer your question -- Luke would probably LOVE to bring his new helmet to Sunday School, but we're going to restrict that to his regular "hat collection." Oh my -- the helmet would probably get in the way or something.

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Such a fun day! Blessings beyond description - for everyone!