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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kansas Adventures, April; Part 3

Leaving Kiowa, we traveled west past Hardtner and the Gypsum Hills Drive we had come south on. We were once again on dirt roads. But they were well maintained.

It is open pasture, which means you may come across a cow on the path.

It takes you into Oklahoma just a little bit, but there are no signs that say "Welcome to Oklahoma". At Aetna Road, you turn north.

We stopped to look at the gypsum which lines the hills and is on the roads. We had to pick some up to bring home as souvenirs.

We found these abandoned antique vehicles in the ditch. Or perhaps there was a huge accident here back in the old days and the vehicles had never been removed?

One of the guide books suggested stopping at this bridge along the river Salt Fork of the Arkansas (incidently, in Kansas, we pronounce that Ar-Kansas, not Ar-Kansaw).

Under the bridge are all these barn swallow nests.

On to Sun City for an afternoon dessert.

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Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Your photos are GREAT! You are WAAAYYYY ahead of me in blogging about our trip! It was a WONDERUFL day! Thanks again!!