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Monday, May 2, 2011

Kansas Adventures, April; Part 4

I recall going to Sun City, Arizona when I was a teenager. A very nice retirement city with 8 golf courses, country clubs and such. There is also a Sun City, California and a Sun City, South Africa with its Palace of the Lost City.

But! Kansas also can boast its own Sun "City"!

It even has hitching posts for your horses.

This town, population 53 has 2 churches.

I love those steeples!

I found this picture of a baptism in Sun City from back in January 1916. Why are they baptizing outside in January?? BRRRR!

LOTS of antlers in the window? Why?

We found Buster's (not hard to locate in a town rougly the size of .2 of a square mile! Ha!). This had been recommended as a good eat place. And after reviewing their menu of slabs of ribs, and other good meat, we wished we'd waited to have our lunch. People from all over come to Busters to eat. Kansas City, Tulsa....

We ordered tea and chocolate pie and apple crisps. Very good!

A nice break in our day. Leaving Sun City, we encountered a disgruntled resident.

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Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Baptizing outside in January would be a bit cold....But, I'm guessing they wouldn't have had heated baptismals inside either :) And yes, it is very cute that Luke keeps talking about your black car and your black car in a carwash (can you tell he really likes carwashes?)....In fact, he was talking about it with me this afternoon as I was rocking him before his nap.