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Saturday, May 21, 2011

New home

The barnswallows are wanting a new home.

Unfortunately, they wanted to make a nest right above our welcome mat.

And the mat didn't look too welcoming with all the bird poop.

So we taped some foil on the perch above the front door. It flapped in the wind and the swallows decided they didn't like that. (Part of the foil got ripped away by the wind)
Oh, and do you see the metal mesh in the light? That was to keep the sparrows out since they started making a nest in our light.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE birds. I am a bird watcher. Our yard is full of them and I feed them too. But not right above our front door please.

Since the front door wasn't a good spot, they have decided they want to make a new home on our back deck, right above the door that goes into the house. On top of the speakers. Not a good spot, birdies!

I tried putting on some loud music, but that didn't work.

We had read that a fake snake might scare them away.


So Al decided to add foil to it too since that worked on the front door.

Looks scary to me!

When I looked outside this morning, they had roosted on top of the foil all night!
Al put more foil on there.

We are at an impasse. They haven't decided yet what to do with us.

While I was on the back porch, I looked to the east. Got to love those Kansas thunderstorms!

Wish it would take those barnswallows to the land of Oz. Or at least to our neighbor's porch.


Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

We have a starling that started nesting in our gutter above the garage, it was pulling stuff out and throwing it on the bench we sit on in the front. Alan replaced the gutter cover. Then I felt sorry for a starling? 'Cause it was trying to get it's too-large body into the small space in the corner.

Love the cloud pictures!

Laura said...

We have problems with barn swallows every year. Ron and I spread dish soap over the wall and scrub it with a brush then rinse. We have done it a few times and it has kept our birds away. I don't really know why it works but it is an easy way.