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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

School's Out!

Hannah graduated from kindergarten today.

She had a gift for her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Burkhart (they learned her name at the beginning of the year as "brrr + cart").

We went to Adam and Jill's for grilled brats and chicken, corn on the cob ( or as Sophia says, "toan on the tob"), fruit and spinach salad.

And I got this wonderful drink.
From my personal barista! (he used to work at Starbucks in Chicago, putting himself through school)
We had some gifts for Hannah. Grandma Lois had some spending money for her.

"The next thing I need is to go to the store!"

Jill fixed a sand pail dessert.

It is a trifle:
Tear apart an already prepared angle food cake or pound cake
Prepare 2 small packages white chocolate instant pudding
Carton coolwhip or whip some real cream
You layer these things 3 times (you probably won't use up all the cake)
Crush vanilla wafers on top to make it look like sand.
While we were eating, a family of little baby birdies were also eating. Hannah wanted to name the birdies Flitty and Twitty (after the book Mary Ellen wrote) and Sophia wanted Olivia and Rosetta. So they were named Flitty Olivia and Twitty Rosetta.
There was no Itty Bitty - only 2 little birdies in this nest.

The girls are ready for summer!

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Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I love that cake in a bucket!

Debby, thank you so much for the nice mail I got the other day! It was a great surprise and you were so sweet to think of me. :) Thank you!!