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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Purple Martins fly the coop

In my last post I mentioned that it was HOT!! A couple of days ago, the car temp read 113 degrees. We are in a drought.

I have never seen the stream dry up or the lake down so much.
I wonder how hot it gets inside a purple martin house?

Al tells me that when he was in highschool, he put up hay in metal barns. They took a thermometer up there and it read 135 degrees! They got paid 1.25 cents a bail and made $30 a day. So they worked hard in the heat!

I don't know if the heat is encouraging the babies to leave their nests early or if they are just trying their wings.

This little one took off.
Having such a hard time of it. Just quite can't fly yet.
The mommy and daddy encouraging the baby bird.

"Fly, baby birdie, fly!"

It flew/hopped under one of my bushes.
It reminds me so much of my friend Mary Ellen's book, "Flitty, Twitty and Itty Bitty."
See the mom flying close by? A little bunny came hopping by and several adult purple martins swooped at it until it hopped away. A bunny would not hurt the birdie, but the big birds were not taking any chances!
"All created things declare the glory of His excellence. The flowers breathe fragrance and unfold their beauty in blessing to the world. It was He that filled the earth with beauty and the air with song. And upon all things in earth, and air, and sky, He wrote the message of the Father's love." The Desire of Ages-Ellen G. White

Yesterday I opened the back door to find a female zebra finch! I have never seen one in the wild. They are usually in bird cages in a home. They have them in the old folks' home where our parents are.

I hope I see it again! My guess is that it escaped from someone's home.

As Mary Ellen writes about her book: Does anyone really care what happens to baby birdies? God does. If God cares about baby birdies we can be sure He cares about each of us, too! The Birdie Family: Papa, Mama, Flitty, Twitty, and little Itty Bitty find out God is watching over them and their family when trouble "blows" their way.

If you haven't ordered one of these books for your children yet, you need to! It is so sweet and teaches children about God's care.

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