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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The young moms in our Tuesday morning Bible study along with their children came to my house this morning for a playdate. We visited and laughed while we had coffee, cherry coffee cake, hashbrown casserole and pumpkin cupcakes.

The kids played quite well - there might have been a few squabbles. Infact, I thought some child was about to be decked when I appeared with this camera. Then they were all smiles for Miss Debby for picture taking. Always glad to stop a fight!

A princess pirate?
Marin wearing this crown backwards cracked me up.

Luke is all boy. He wanted to see the garage to look at Mr. Allen's tools, lawnmower, saw blades, etc. Luke loves his lawnmowers and will ask anyone what color theirs is and how you start it up. And he does a great imitation of how to start a lawnmower by pulling the start thing. (I have no idea what it is called) But Luke probably would know.

A fun play time dear young friends! Come again!


The Sieberts said...

thanks for having us Debby! it was so much fun. I LOVE your basement!

Rachel said...

It was such a fun morning. Thanks so much! I do hope that was not one of my children doing the decking when u took pictures! Oh dear!

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Yep....thanks again for the morning! Your basement is fun for both adults & kids....and, a HUGE thank you for showing Luke your garage...he told Marc all about it!