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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Early Christmas

Mindy came home from Alabama early. She is working Christmas.
We went to look at


Had our Christmas dinner. This year we didn't have a traditional meal. We went with a Japanese meal instead - oyakodomburi! YUM!

And opened presents.

A Sophie smirk

Mindy has left. How we will miss her! She tried to get left before the


Singing and dancing with the broom

More Christmas celebrations to come!


Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Love your new outfit!

Merry Christmas!!

Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

Thanks for sharing your family's Christmas. Didn't realize Mindy is in Alabama. Guess I haven't been reading your blog often enough.

I failed to appreciate the lit-up King Kong. Guess you had to live there.

Hope to see you in church Christmas Eve.