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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Feeding the hungry

Numana, Inc. is a nonprofit hunger relief organization with the mission to empower people to save the starving. Through meal packaging events, Numana sends food to countries where intense insecurity exists.

Numana started a couple of years ago after the earthquake in Haiti. Since then they have continued to help other nations.

The hospital pharmacy workers and their families got together to help pack almost 13 boxes to send for hunger relief to the Somalian refugees in Kenya.

These are the rice bags we put together. Each bag is enough for 6 meals.

These are the Numana volunteers who came to show us how to package the meals. In talking with them, I found out that their grandson married the daughter of some friends of ours who live in Pennsylvania. Small world! (yes, young couples - that was quite a bit of "spaghetti-ing" to find that out!)

We had to put on some protective gear.

We looked real pretty.

The first step was to put a vitamin packet in each bag.
Next came some beans.

And soy mix.

Last of all was the rice. This bag was then given to the person who would weigh the bag.
If it did not weigh enough, more rice was added. If it weighed too much, rice was taken out. Amazing how just a few kernels made a difference.

Young and old, we all helped. We took turns doing the different jobs.

The bags were sealed.

Then pounded flat and even.

Meanwhile, the artists are busy drawing, coloring and putting stickers on the boxes.

When 36 bags are completed, they are put in the boxes. We completed 461 bags or 2,766 meals. Each meal costs about 30 cents; that includes shipping. Numana does not pay for this. This is what the volunteers also help out with. We have so much in America - we need to help those who don't have enough! I can't imagine being a mother with a starving baby in my lap.

When each box was completed, we would all clap and cheer.

There was a raffle for a Numana t-shirt and wrist band.

Clean up.

What a fun activity. I think it would be neat to do next year as well. If anyone wants to join us, please call!


Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

This is way COOL!!! I'd like to know about this next year!

Diana said...

Wonderful work, wonderful hearts. So much good going on around the world nowadays. Bless you all for doing this. ♥