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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not the routine

My Tuesday routine usually involves leading the Young Mom's Biblestudy and also helping my Aunt Millie. But this week is Mom2Mom at church so we don't have Biblestudy with the mommies.

After taking care of Aunt Millie, I took care of the grandkids, which isn't my usual routine. But Jill was running a fever. So the girls came. And it was a gorgeous day. This is January?? In the 50's? I LOVE it!! (today it snowed, by the way - that is Kansas for you!)

The girls brought their scooters and we took a walk around the lake. A 2 hour walk!!


"Beware of the poop!"

Really?! Look at that mess! I think we have about 1,000 Canada geese around.

Seriously on Sunday morning at church, one of my nursery classes was out on our playground and the children ran under the play equipment so they wouldn't get plastered by the geese flying overhead. Can we just get some hunters out here?

I told the children to dodge the poop, but Sophie didn't have much luck. We had to wash the scooter when we got home and disinfect it!
The girls had so much fun! They have quite the imagination!
They found hills to climb.

The next several pictures are ones the girls took. They enjoy photography! I hold on to the camera (or to the strap) but I let them figure out what they will shoot and they click away.

Sophie is just singing away while riding her scooter. The girls just love being outdoors! I am not so looking forward to the next couple of months with ice and cold. A sunny, mild day with snow on the ground I will not mind.
Going back home. What a wonderful afternoon.
And Jill is well today so that is good. More on my routine on the next post.


Anonymous said...

Yea for warmer weather in the middle of winter!!! Looks like a great time!

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

We're loving the weather too, except for last night and today - COLD wind!

Great photos! Congrats to the girls for their "good eye" - photographically.