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Friday, April 13, 2012

Company's coming!

Growing up, we always had company!

Sometimes a boat would come into our Aburatsu harbour and we would hear about it. The folks would invite the world travelers to come to our home for dinner or even for a night. I remember Fritz, the guy in the 2nd picture. He was from Germany and he told us all about his adventures in India and all around the world. He spent more than one night and how we enjoyed playing games with him! If I remember correctly, he came back a 2nd time on another trip around the world.

People from American and Canadian churches came to see where we lived and served. At times all the missionaries on the south island of Kyushu would come over for a conference. Sometimes our whole school would come for the weekend (and of course, that was only 12-18 kids so you can't think of it like a whole schoolfull like in America)

For a time we had a bus and we were able to cart people to the touristy places around our area. We lived in the "Hawaii" of Japan and many Japanese honeymooners would come to our area, so the folks knew just where to take people who would come to visit.

I cannot begin to compare to hostess abilities like my parents, but we do enjoy it! So when I was asked if I would be willing to host a conference this weekend for 18 women, I said sure!

So glad we purchased a table that can seat so many!
The house is fairly clean; the beds are made.

And would you believe my husband is leaving???


Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Love your "historical" photos. What is the conference??? You are a WONDERFUL hostess and I'm sure the women will love you and your lovely home! Let's just hope you don't have to scurry to the basement shelter!

Allen and Debby Graber said...

It is a conference for moms who have adopted kids.