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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mu Shu

When our friend Amanda facebooked the following story, I re-told it to the grandchildren - over and over. They just love this story! The girls were so excited that they got the opportunity to go visit Mu Shu!

Saved pig thinks she's a dog April 06, 2012By Melody Pettit KWCH 12 Eyewitness News (NEWTON, Kan.) — Stacie Tonn from Newton was following a semi that was hauling livestock. A small piglet fell out of the semi, but the semi didn’t stop. Stacie stopped and picked the piglet up. Her husband is a vet and checked the pig out and said nothing was broken. The pig was unconscious for two days, and Stacie force-fed the pig during that time. She named the pig Mu Shu. There would be some milk that would spill out the sides of theh pig’s mouth, and Stacy’s dog would lick the pig to clean her up. When the pig finally woke-up, it had problems seeing, and the dog guided the pig around so it wouldn’t run into stuff. The farms cats were also interested in the pig, but the dog guards the pig so the cats can't harm the pig. The pig, now named Mu Shu enjoys being with the dog and wags its nub of a tail.

Here is the video if you want to watch it. Too cute!

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Nate and Kristin Piston said...

this video was so touching! Just a few days before I saw this Nate & i were talking about how we wanted to get a pig as a pet :) Mu Shu is so cute!!