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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Drive home

We got up early and out of Birmingham before 6:30. If you wait even one half hour later, you will be in gridlock with traffic headed to work. A stop at Starbucks and we were off.

Look at the fog! A blogger friend's son once said "Fog is when God tears off a piece of cloud like cotton candy and puts it on the ground."
It is a long drive back to Kansas. But we are adventurous and we decided to take another scenic route after passing Little Rock. At Conway, we turned north on 65. This is the road through Damascus. :) on to Branson and Springfield. This is a picture of part of Damascus.
Couldn't resist a stop to see this.

It was a very steep and winding road and at the bottom there was this old log house. We had to pay a little admission fee to see this natural bridge.

I thought it was pretty cool. Worth the side trip I think.


A close up of this vehicle. We were close to Branson.

When we got closer to Kansas, we began to hit all the bugs. Al wondered if there were any left for any birds to eat!

Well, it was a great trip to Birmingham!! We have a couple more scenic routes to take on the way there so we will have to go again!

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