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Monday, April 2, 2012

Morning drive

On the last morning in Birmingham, we slept in, ran some errands then Mindy took us to The Preserve. Birmingham has several of these communities, kind of like a village within the city. They have their own little "downtown" area.

The Preserve has southern style homes. Some other communities have an English flair to them or some other architectural style.
All the homes had front porches with chairs or swings on them. Such a friendly feel and country charm.
The garages are all out of sight in the back. The owners drive into their garages through a little back alleyway. It was so fun to walk around this little village.

Around lunch time, Mindy took us to Whole Foods, a unique grocery store.

We didn't really shop for much. We went through the various food bars and ate our lunch there.
Then it was home for afternoon rest time.

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Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

Reminds me of New Orleans. Mindy has such a happy, lovely smile!
Ever been to Whole Foods in Wichita?