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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mindy's home!

 My Dad was not doing so well and was placed back in the medical unit.  Mindy had an opportunity to come from Alabama and took it!  We were all so excited to have her home!

We went to the new Braum's....
 ...and had 4 ice-cream cones to celebrate 4 more weeks until the new baby sister arrives!  (Last week, when it was 5 weeks, the family gave eachother high fives!)

 Going up north of town to get my Aunt Millie to take her to see my Dad, I passed this thing!
 Why is a pirate ship under the via duct?  Anyone know the story behind this??!!
Dad is doing much better and was moved back to the rehab unit.  Dad's hair was getting a little long and Mindy volunteered to cut it.

 My Dad and his granddaughters.  I know his other granddaughter, Nichole would love to be here too!!
After a visit with Dad, the girls spent time with their Aunt Mindy.  They just LOVE her!!  They made necklaces for eachother.

 Hannah's necklace said "Utecht's rock.  Grabers do too."

In the meantime, my Arkansas grandson ended up in surgery!!  He was running around the house and fell and split open his lip and inside his mouth.  They had to put him under to stitch it up.   They had scare in recovery where he stopped breathing due to the tube in his throat and secretions and they had to suction him. It was pretty scary for his parents to see 10 nurses and doctors run into the room with equipment using the words "crash cart" and not come out for a few minutes. Those could've been the longest 2 minutes they ever had. Staci says she was about ready to break down that door!  But he is fine!  Praise God! 

He had a fabulous night! He only woke up once at 3 and Staci gave him more medicine. He didn't even cry but turned on his new singing sheep (a music box that plays Jesus loves me that is super soft that Staci's mom gave him yesterday). They woke up to Jesus love me over the monitor :). Staci checked on him , gave him meds and a hug and told him that he could wind it just that once but not anymore until daylight.  She told him to just cuddle it and lay down and he said, "okay momma". Such a sweet boy!

We are ready for good health in this family!


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

You guys do need some good health in your family...oh my! Glad to hear that some of the scary situations are over :)

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! So scary about your grandson! Glad he's doing okay now.

The Mills actually rented that pirate ship for Micah's birthday party!

The Mize's Family Adventures said...

The people that own the pirate ship don't live to far from me. They just live on the other side of the creek.