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Friday, June 29, 2012


Every year for my birthday, instead of the traditional birthday cake, we have birthday pie.  Yum!!
The party was last night since Mindy was going back to Alabama this morning, but as it turned out, she got the flu and then Claire had a tummy ache and so Jill and Claire were not able to come either.  :( 
But we had a good party inspite of that.

We celebrated at Mom's so we could wheel my Dad from his room at Kidron.  His room is just across the road in the southwest wing and then Aunt Millie walked over from her wing in assisted living.  She lives just across the road too in the northwest wing of the Home.

 Dad got to spend some time on the computer.

 Uncle Mahlon, who lives in Ohio called to chit chat.

Today after Min left for the airport, I went to the girls' last swimming lesson and then Adam took us out
to eat for lunch.  (by the way, we weren't too very sad to have to say goodbye to Mindy because she is moving back soon!!  She got a job back here in Kansas!!  I guess she just misses us too much and we missed her a lot too!  Yay!!!!)
The restaurant was sooooo cold, we decided to eat our ice-cream cones outside and watch the ducks on the river.

 Maybe a silly idea since it was over 100 degrees!!  We were all a sticky mess before the cones were eaten!
In the afternoon, my sister-in-law and niece arrived from Pretty Prairie to meet Claire and to bring gifts for all the girls.  Gayle also baked me a cookie in the shape of a 5 and a 7 but forgot it on the kitchen counter back on the farm.  We had a good laugh about that.  She said she will take a picture and mail the photo and they will eat the cookie.  So funny!

What an enjoyable birthday I have had!  Hannah made the remark that I am 57 and that Sophia is 5 and she is 7.  Isn't that interesting?

Here is the photo Gayle sent me of the cookie!  (I couldn't get it to go sideways but you get the idea!)  Thanks Gayle!!!

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Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Hope you received my FB birthday greeting! Looks like you had a great day, in spite of all the changes. 57 cookie is clever. Glad to hear Mindy is coming back.

Enjoy your day!