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Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Restaurant Pick

Each month this year we are going to restaurants we have never visited before.  As it was the end of June, we needed to get our restaurant pick for the month in.  So this is a break from posting about Claire's new arrival and the visit of all the children for that.

Mindy, Allen and I took a trip to Wichita to the Old Town area.  We decided to try out Hana Cafe.  I remember going to a Hana restaurant back several years ago when it was across from Towne East.  Do not know if this is the same restaurant or not, but Al had never been and I had not been to this one. 

Mindy ordered sushii.  I ate her ginger since I love that and she doesn't!  Al ordered yakisoba and I had katsu-don.  It was pretty good, but it wasn't quite authentic Japanese.   That's ok.  It was still tasty and filling. 

For authentic, I loved Mama-Sans, on 13th.  The cook was a Japanese lady (a war bride - married a serviceman back in the '50s and came to the States with him) and she and her 2 daughters made a most wonderful Japanese meal.  But alas, it is closed.  So sad.  And those so-called Japanese restaurants where they throw the food around for show - well, those aren't authentic either.  At least we never, ever saw places like that in Japan.  It is kind of touristy and for American show.

As we left, more families had gathered to play in the water park.  It is very hot in Kansas this week! 

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