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Saturday, August 25, 2012

August restaurant pick

Every month this year we are hitting a new restaurant that we have never been too.  And sometimes we invite friends to come with us who might give us the idea for the new place.  This month we invited Marc and Sarah, a couple who were in our young married's group several years ago.  Marc and Al are in investment club together and Sarah and I are in Bible study. 

 This was the place they suggested.

It is in Wichita, west of 135, off 21st street.  You go past this international market.  I will have to shop there sometime!

Sarah, Luke and Kate

Luke came supplied with things to keep him busy while we waited for our food.

Luke loves to figure out how things work.  He wants to know if your gear shift on your car is up by the steering wheel or on the floor.  He is fascinated with blow dryers, lawn mowers, and any construction type vehicles.  Sarah thinks it must have to do with her father's love of physics, mechanics, and engineering. 

Today he told his mommy that the noise of thunder is God using levers and throttles! 

He was very interested in my camera and had to figure out how to use it.  His daddy helped him to take our picture!

After a little wait, our food came.  HUGE portions!!  The plate had to be 15 inches wide!

 Kate is having her supper and Sarah is looking forward to hers!!
And except for Marc, the rest of us could not finish our meals.  Sacked up for another meal at home.

I got a kick out of Luke.  He likes to wear his "work name badge", really his nursery name badge (we got rid of them since we have a new check-in system now in our nursery).  He wants to be just like Daddy!  He pretends to go to work and tells his mommy he has a meeting to go to.  So adorable.  And he's dragging along his ah-da (blankie) to work too!

After we finished the delicious Mexican meal (I highly recommend this restaurant!), we decided to go to Bradley Fair to feed the ducks.  You can see that Luke is carrying a baggie of bread.

When we got down to the lake there was a disappointment.

Mommy told Luke they would have to go to Sand Creek in Newton to feed the ducks another day.  Newton ducks are not dieting.

We took a nice walk around the lake....a little over a half a mile I think.  Which is nothing for Marc who does 100 mile runs.  That is not a typo.  I was not trying to type 10 miles.  I really mean 100 miles.  Like a 24 hour run!

They stopped half way across the lake at the very spot 9 years ago in June where Marc proposed to Sarah.

Luke - "that's enough!"

Like a lot of babies, Sarah says Kate is usually fussy in the evenings. 

But she was quite happy on the walk, and infact fell asleep.

At the end of the walk, we went to Marble Slab.  We were still too full from supper, but Marc and Luke weren't!

It was such a fun evening!!  Looking for ideas for September's restaurant pick!


Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate said...

Thanks for the evening!!!! It was a lot of fun...except for the fact we couldn't feed the ducks :(. AND, you took some good pictures!!!!

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Sounds like a Mexican place for us to check out! STILLLLLLL looking for decent Mexican - it's only been six years! :(
Thanks for the tip!