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Friday, November 16, 2012


I must admit that one of my least favorite jobs is cleaning the bathrooms, which is what I did today. 

Cleaning the mirrors, wiping down the counter and sinks,

scrubbing the shower
 and the tub

and of course the toilet.  I saw a video on housecleaning once that said if you would do 5-10 minutes a day (much like the maid at a hotel), that it would be not so bad.  But, it takes me 5 minutes just to clean the mirrors.  I DO NOT like cleaning the bathroom.

It would probably help if I didn't have so many nicky-nacks to clean around. 

But I like my pictures of the ocean where I grew up, the shells and family pictures of trips to the ocean.

Being November, the month of Thanksgiving, I have been trying to give thanks each day.  I've been posting those on Facebook. 

So, turning my negative attitude into a positive, I got to thinking, at least I don't have to go in a hole outside!

This photo below is the kind of bathrooms I learned to go on.  We had a western one in our house, but generally these were the toilets we used in Japan.

I hear that today they have real modern style ones,

complete with padded, heated seats,  and water sprays and blow dryers to clean you. And all of this is activated by the touch of a button on a remote control type panel.

Here are some other rather unpleasant toilets.

So, even though I do NOT like to clean my bathrooms, at least it is a very, nice one!

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