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Monday, November 19, 2012

November restaurant pick

We are on the 11th month of trying out new restaurants (one each month).  This past week we invited our friends, Dave and Marilyn, and Dave's dad, Elmer to go out with us.  They suggested :

They had never tried this one here in Wichita, but had eaten at a Shorty Small's in Branson. 


A little unique kind of place.

 The menus were on a newspaper. 
Pulled pork, shrimp and chicken alfredo were the items we ordered.

In the past few years, Elmer has translated the Bible into Low German, or Plautdietsch, as well as the Through the Bible radio program.  It has brought many people to Christ!

Our meal was very delcious, and the company wonderful!  We talked almost non-stop all evening and had our share of laughs.  Elmer told us about dust bowl days back in his childhood.  We treasure our friendship with this very special couple and with Elmer.  So grateful for God's guiding Dave to pastor our church many years ago and we are excited to be a part of the "family" with them!

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