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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Botanica lights

Last evening we decided to take a trip to Wichita with the folks.  Al had received a gift card to Cracker Barrel and we thought it would be fun to take the folks and go see the Botanica afterwards.  We debated doing it on Thursday evening, but it is supposed to get mighty chilly so made the decision to go this evening.

It is always confusing going to the Botanica.  Downtown Wichita with Central that curves all over the place is just too hard for us to navigate without our GPS.  Al didn't feel like the GPS was much help as it took us through residential.  Need to reset it I guess.  I think it is on shortest route, not the most practical at times.

We don't eat here much at all unless it is an invite by someone.  But man, it was full - and this on a Tuesday night!  The waitress told us it is like this all the time.  People love the "just like home" food.

My Mom was interested in why Cracker Barrel was named that.  The waitress said it was because they used barrels to store crackers (originally to store pickles).  I looked it up and it said it was to give the place a Southern country theme.  To read about the history of the store, click here.

After a delicious "home-cooked" meal, we drove to the Botanica for the Illuminations.

The girls would love these!  But the real butterflies are not around.  Too cold right now.  We do enjoy the butterfly house in the spring and summer!

Santa was available for the children in The Cottage.

At this point, we lost Mom for awhile.  I had to delete some photos on my SD card so walked over to the barn for more light.  I thought she was following Dad and Al.  But she couldn't find either of us!  So when I hooked up with Al (by calling on our cell) and realized she was missing, we went looking.  Luckily she knew to go to the entrance.  She wanted to see the children's area so we walked back there again. 

I think the children would  have been disappointed that you can't climb around the tree house.  Since it was strung up with lights, everything was blocked off (of course!).

After an hour and a half of walking, we took Dad and Mom for a drive around to see some lights in the city.  What a fun evening!


The Sieberts said...

i can agree cracker barrel is ALWAYS busy. we decided its not the best with 3 kids-live and learn! :)we only go when we have a giftcard (which is every year from grandparents)

The Veers said...

kelsey and I used to go to Botanica every year at Christmas before kiddos! I miss it!

Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate said...

It is fun at Botanica...glad you guys went!!!!