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Friday, December 14, 2012

December Restaurant Pick

Well, it is December and we went on our last restaurant adventure for the year.  Each month this year we've tried out a new place we've never eaten at before. We took our friends Rich and Carolyn and they recommended this place.

We began with a starter - Wagyu Beef & Ginger Dumplings which are like pot-stickers, pan-seared with crispy shallots, Thai peppers and soy sauce.  There was a kick to them.  I LOVE pot-stickers!  In Japan, we called them gyoza.

Rich, Carolyn and Al all ordered shrimp and scallops with garlic mashed potatoes and each one had a different side (salad, green beans and brocolli).

I ordered Sir Will's fish and chips.  It reminded me of the fish and chip shop we went to in London.  And also the fish my mom used to fry in Japan.  Mmmm-mmm!  In Japan we ate them with soy sauce (shoyu), not tartar sauce.  And a bowl of rice instead of fries. 

We had good conversation with this wonderful and godly couple.  How we look up to them!  The waiters were probably wondering if we'd ever vacate the place to make room for someone else! 

Afterwards we drove around the town looking at lights.  Our daughter told us about this place on N. Stratford.  The lights are in sinc with a radio station.  Amazing!

When we finally got back to town, I took a photo of the decoration that Rich and Carolyn had on their porch.  Lovely.

Immanuel - Christ with us.

It has been a fun year trying out new spots and also visiting with all the different couples we took out to eat.  Next year will be a different kind of adventure - we are thinking about visiting different cemetaries!  Most in Kansas, one in Pennsylvania and we hope to see the most famous one - the tomb.  The reason Christ came in the first place.

The reason He became man was to die. As God, He could not die for sinners. But as man He could. His aim was to die. Therefore He had to be born a man. He was born to die. Good Friday is the reason for Christmas. This is what needs to be said today about the meaning of Christmas. - John Piper


Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Thanks again for such a lovely evening!! Every thing about it was perfect! Most especially just being with you. We are honored you asked us to join you on this "adventure". Blessings!

The Sieberts said...

oh how exciting Debby! i didn't know you were planning to go there :)

Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate said...

That would be awesome for you guys to go to Israel :). Also, we really like Bonefish's never let me down! And, thanks so much (again) for including us back in August! It was so much fun and a wonderful idea!

josh graber said...

Staci and I love eating there. Surprisingly for a fish place, Bonefish has one of the best steak fillets you'll find anywhere, if you get it with the Gorgonzola butter. Also the Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer is fantastic.

taking photos said...

lovely photos in this post