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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Date with Hannah

Last weekend we had a date with our granddaughter.  She picked IHOP as her choice in restaurant.
 Papa and Hannah played tic-tac-toe while waiting for our meal.

 Hannah wanted to go to Office Max.  I don't think of that as a place a kid likes to shop but she really enjoys it!  We got some eversharps for her.
 We needed to stop at Cabela's.  The parking lot was FULL!  I usually shop during the week.  Saturday is a crazy day to shop!!   It had begun to rain.  Unfortunately, it didn't last long.  We are in such a drought cycle in Kansas right now.  Hoping for spring rains (but not tornadoes!)
 Papa got a little tired - Nana takes forever when she shops!!

Starbucks is a must stop!  Papa showed Hannah how to slide the Starbucks gift card.

At Hobby Lobby, we got Hannah a book to learn how to draw horses.  She loves to draw!

Her mommy showed us this picture that she had drawn.  Pretty amazing for a 7 year-old!

We stopped to visit Mindy and Xander.

 Our last stop was Goodwill.  What a fun place!

On Tuesday, I often pick up Sophia at the bus.  This week she asked "Nana, when will you take me on a date?"  

Then she made the statement "Hannah told me that I just have to say I like something and you will buy it!"  Hmmm.  

We did get Hannah a few things; pencils, a $3 toy for her (and one for her sisters too), a bracelet at Goodwill, etc., but I do recall I told her she needed to make a birthday list for those pretty pricey things she wanted (like a $60 Furby! - goodness!  That seems like a LOT for a toy for a kid!!). 

 They like to call me the spoiling Nana, and I guess that is true.  But only to a certain extent.

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Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate said...

Fun!!! Who did her hair? It was pretty!