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Monday, February 25, 2013

Fish, taxes and slides

On Saturday, the folks invited us out to lunch.  

 Not quite like the fresh-caught fish Mom would pick up at the fish store in our fishing village of Aburatsu in Japan.  But it still was pretty good!

We had lots of snow last week and today a blizzard is to hit us here in Kansas.  They are calling it the Blizzard of Oz.  So far nothing, but by this afternoon it could get nasty.

Mom and Dad had 15 inches.

 When we got back to to their place, Al and Dad worked on taxes.

Mom and I looked at slides.  And Mom told me lots of stories as we looked at them.  They have probably over 1,000 slides.  As missionaries, they had to share their stories with churches when they would come to the States on furlough.  Nowadays, missionaries use Power point, but back in those not so olden days, slides were the thing.  I need to put these on a disc and on  my computer!  I have begun to type out the stories.


Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

No matter the reason to be together .. treasured times.

Melissa Jensen said...

YOU inspire me!! I just LOVE reading your blog and keeping up with such a fun woman of God, mother and Nana!! I love that you are typing out the stories--a great legacy for your family and others in the years to come!