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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter storm, birds (including a bald eagle!)

Yesterday we had a snow storm.  
Some were calling it the Blizzard of Oz.
Not sure how much of a blizzard it was.
Not at all like Amarillo, TX!

Last night as we went to bed, the wind was still howling and it was still snowing.  Our electricity was flickering but luckily never went out.  When we woke up this morning, the snow had stopped.

The feeders needed to be refilled.  I had to shovel to get to them.  I don't own a pair of boots believe it or not!  I looked last week for some but there weren't any I liked or not in my size.

Al left for work - and luckily has 4-wheel drive.

I looked to see if I would be able to fill the feeders in my back yard.  The snow had drifted up against the door.

Without boots, I would not get to the feeders out back!  Unless I shovel later on today.

 Nana and Papa snowmen

 A robin waiting for spring

And then!!!!  - a bald eagle!!  Not a sight we see around here very often!
 It flew down after something

 I zoomed in to see if I could see a rodent in its' claws but it looks like it must have gotten away.
How so cool!!!

Thanking our Creator for the beauty He sends our way.  "The best things in life are free - the air we breathe, the stars at night, the wonder of human love."  Birds that sing, music.  "But the greatest gift of all is our salvation, purchased for us by Jesus Christ.  'Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!' 2 Cor. 9:15"  - from "Hope for Each Day" by Billy Graham


The Sieberts said...

LOVE that snow couple :)

Gramma G said...

Beautiful pics, Debby! Glad you have the snow and not us, but it is such a refreshing view with the clean white snowcover. And the bald eagle...awesome! We only had a bit of freezing rain and then just a lot of rain all day from the storm. Enjoy Israel!

Amy said...

Corey was just telling me last night that he and his brother saw a bald eagle out on the farm! I agree with Andrea... I love your little snow couple! :)

Tami said...

Your photos are beautiful. And what a blessing to see a bald eagle. We have a nest not far from our house, but they're still hard to spot. We didn't get near as much snow as you here in SE Nebraska, but we're thankful for any moisture that comes along.

Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics of the eagle!