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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Arbel Cliffs

On our 3rd day, the bus took us to the Arbel Cliffs that tower 700 feet above the Sea of Galilee.
 We came across some tares and he gave us the lesson of the wheat and the tares.  (Matt. 13)

We walked to the edge of the cliffs.  What a beautiful panoramic view overlooking the plain of Magdala with a view looking northeast toward Capernaum.

Jim announced that we would be climbing down the cliffs.  But he said that if any were faint of heart (afraid of heights!) or had physical issues, then the bus would take those people to the bottom and we could meet the climbers.  After my experience at the slot canyons in Utah, I decided to take the bus!  I definitely have the fear of height- or should I say the "fear of fall"!!!

I took a picture of Al with the pharmacy mascot in his hand - Lortab.

I gave Al a "good-bye" kiss in case he fell, and bid him farewell!

There were about 7 of us who decided to ride the bus for one reason or another.

Our bus driver took us to the bottom of the cliffs and showed us the path to travel to go meet up with the crew coming down from the top!

"In the first century BC the Romans brought violence and hardship to the people living near Capernaum.  Herod the Great was attempting to solidify the Roman control in this region, which was known as the "Galilee of the Gentiles" (Matt. 4:15)  Toward that end, he sought to clean out the resistance fighters who had hidden themselves and their families in cave homes lining the steep cliffs.  Those resisting Rome thought the topography would provide adequate protection.  But Herod had Roman soldiers lowered in baskets over the edge of the cliff to slaughter the families."

Here are some pictures I got from one of the hikers who braved it.

You’re my cave to hide in, my cliff to climb. Be my safe leader, be my true mountain guide. Free me from hidden traps; I want to hide in you. I’ve put my life in your hands. You won’t drop me, you’ll never let me down.
Psalm 31:2-4, The Message

My husband made it!!

Here is the path we took to meet up with them.  Isn't it peaceful and beautiful?

Jim told us that Jesus and His disciples would have traveled this "road" often and perhaps even drunk from this spring.

"The path of the righteous is level;
O upright One, 
You make the way of the righteous smooth."
Isaiah 26:7


The Sieberts said...

i would have taken the bus too ;)

Mary Schuler said...

Neat pictures Debbie! Your posts are beautifully done!