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Sunday, April 14, 2013

A stop at Megiddo

From the earliest times of historical records and on into the future, Megiddo assumes a prominent role.  Here is Al, on Tel-Megiddo amongst the ruins of a fortress.  (Thanks Marcia for this picture below!)  It was a windy day - kind of like a Kansas day!! 

 Ruins of a stable.
 Manger (or feeding trough), much like Baby Jesus would have been laid in.

Here we are on the southern edge of the Valley of Jezreel.  Looking across the valley, we could see Mt. Tabor and Nazareth.
There have been many battles here over the years (even as recently as WWI); perhaps more bloody encounters than any other spot on the earth.  The continental trade route (Asia, Africa and Europe) is through the Jezreel Valley so whoever controlled this valley would control the trade.

A future battle (Revelation 16) - the battle of Armageddon (Har-Megiddo), the final battleground between the forces of good and evil will take place in this spot.  The final mutiny attempt against God!

Back in the 9th c. BC, King Ahab constructed a massive system with a 30 meter deep shaft and a 70 meter long tunnel.  This tunnel connected the bottom of Ahab's shaft to the spring. Before its construction, Megiddo residents had to leave the city walls in order to get water from the spring.  This tunnel was hewn from both ends at the same time (like Hezekiah's Tunnel) and its builders were only one foot off when meeting in the middle.

Jim took us down this tunnel.  There were 183 steps down to the spring.  I wondered "How in the world will I ever climb back up?!"
 Luckily, there was another way out with way fewer steps!!

Our young moms' Bible study is looking at Matthew 24 and 25 this week where Christ speaks of the end times.  We are warned to "keep watch", and "be ready" because we do not know the day or the hour of our Lord's return.  We are to "stand firm to the end".  May He find us faithful!

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