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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Out my window

(a little break from posting about our trip to Israel)

April - usually the time I am getting flowers from the nursery.  

But we had a cold snap and winter returned.

Will my red bud flower?
 There is really a beauty in it though.  We were lucky that none of our tree branches broke off, unlike many people.

Where's Spring?  Brrrrr!

 Poor irises!

 Melting....   today it is supposed to get close to 70 degrees.  This is Kansas, afterall.

I just read on Facebook that there is possible snow this coming week! 

                                                                 I'm ready to dig in the dirt... 

1 comment:

Momma H said...

Beautiful pictures. Today you could never tell there was ice anywhere. How's your redbud?