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Monday, May 27, 2013

Family gathering at the pond

The extended family got together for Memorial Day at the family farm.  Al's youngest brother and his family live there now.

Not everyone could make it out due to conflicts.  We always have lots of laughs.  Those Grabers sure do have a sense of humor!

After dinner, we loaded up on pickups and drove out to the pond in the pasture.
Molly followed behind.


When Al saw I was taking pictures, he decided to suck in his tummy.  "Hurry up and take the picture already!  I can't suck it in forever!"

Getting married in August!


Looking for frogs

 My niece broke her toes doing tae-kwon-do practice.  Ouch.  Covering up her "boot" with plastic

Both of the parents are gone now. Remembering them and missing them!  How they would have loved to see the family growing!

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Anonymous said...

How the family has grown! I can still remember those fun times I had out at the farm many years ago. And I still miss Bill and Kathern.............what special people they were.

I pray often for the health and safety of all you Grabers.