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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kidron Valley, Dome of the Rock

The bus took us to Jerusalem and dropped us off on this road by the Kidron Valley.   

This road down from the Mount of Olives would have been the path of the triumphal entry.

This is the Mount of Olives -

The Church of All Nations, left     Church of Mary Magdelene, center     Domino Flevit, right

I will show more pictures of the Church of All Nations when I post about Gesthemene.  

The Church of Mary Magdelene, with the gold domes, is a Russian Orthodox church.  Thirty nuns from all over the world live there.

The little church on the right is shaped like a tear drop, to symbolize when Jesus wept over the city.

Kidron Valley

There is a large cemetery in the Kidron Valley

Tradition says this is Absolom's tomb, but it is doubtful

This burial complex was built in the 1st century BC and belonged to the family of Hezir, possibly the priestly family named in the Torah.  According to Jewish tradition, King Azariah lived in this tomb after he became a leper.

Tradition says this is the grave of St. James - also debatable

The tomb of Pharoah's daughter (married to Solomon)

Lots of trash!

Arab side

  Israeli side

The pinnacle from where Satan tempts Jesus (rebuilt)

We were about to go to the Temple Mount.
We got instructions to stick together tight.
We needed to make sure there were no Bibles or our syllabuses in our backpacks.
A friend, Geoff, came to take those things that were not allowed with him so we could get into this area.
We were going through security.
Cameras taken out for inspection.

Huge crowds headed to the Dome of the Rock

We passed over by the Western Wall.
Here is an overhead view that shows the Western Wall and the little ramp we took over to the gardens and up the steps to the Dome of the Rock.  Gives one a bit of a perspective.

We had to pass through inspection - a little tense! - and by some guards, then we were in the Muslim controlled area where the Dome of the Rock is located.  No Jews allowed.

Moslems say that Abraham was told to sacrifice Ishmael on this spot.
Jews and Christians alike say that it was Issac.

The temple was built in this spot but the Romans tore it down in 70 AD, just as Jesus said it would happen.

These are the gates of the Triumphal Entry

There was some commotion so we were told to gather together.  
Time to leave.
Next post on Israel - the Western Wall.


Anonymous said...

Did you not get to go inside? Maybe things have changed since I was there more than 10 years ago. Just curious.

Debby Graber said...

No we were not allowed inside. They have changed those rules.