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Friday, May 17, 2013

These days

I have been posting a lot of pictures from our Israel trip, but today I digress.

The fog this morning was so pretty!  Almost looks like mountains.

The sun rise through the fog.

The weather has been nice and I got a shot of Al having his morning devotions out on the porch.

Look at this guy riding a 3-wheeler out back.  I wonder how comfortable those are.  I have remarked to Al that I should get training wheels for my bike.  I don't have the balance I used to and have taken a couple of spills.

A dove on my deck

Looking out my front window I see a robin who has laid her eggs in the tree in front of my kitchen window.  Every year it seems I will find a robin in a different tree.  This is a first time for this birch.

I got a shot of only 2 eggs.

Yesterday I thought I would look again.  Usually robins lay 4 eggs.  I was surprised to find babies!

I don't want to bother mommy robin, but I will try another peek.  Are there 2 or 3 babies?  I heard a kitty meowing around.  Mommy robin and a cardinal were scolding it.  I hope the kitty won't climb into the tree and get these sweet little babies!

Yesterday I had LOTS of shopping to do.  The list was long!  It was time to go to Wichita.  Some things I just can't find in our town.  I like to shop locally and I really like the size of our town!, but I do enjoy a hop to the big city!  I especially like this place!!  

It is not uncommon for Jill and I to spend 2 hours in that store!!  My younger daughter does NOT like to shop with us when we go there.  She is more of a "check it off my list and get out of there" kind of girl.

I had to put up the shades for the first time this year.  I have resorted to the air-conditioning too.

By Target was one of these trucks that transports huge panes of glass.  There was shattered glass all over the road!  Poor guy!  He and a fellow truck driver were sweeping up all the broken glass.  There are going to be some unhappy customers!  And an unhappy boss I imagine!

I was hoping to meet up with my younger daughter, but it ended up she was not able.  But between my shopping list and the 6 stores I had to hit, I turned off at all the garage sale signs I could spot!

I LOVE good bargains!!

And who doesn't love a stop here!!

I have to admit that after 9 hours in the big city, I was totally exhausted!!  My body paid for it and I had to hit the pain meds throughout the night.  Aahhh, but what an enjoyment to make good deals!


The Sieberts said...

Debby, where is that Antique Mall?

Debby Graber said...

West Kellogg in Wichita west of 119th, 13200 West Highway 54 - it is called Paramount Antique Mall.