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Monday, June 3, 2013


The kids' house is almost ready and a lot of people worked hard to make it happen.
The wallpaper was a booger!@#% to get off!!
Jill says they should outlaw wallpaper!

Since I used to wallpaper as a job, I ask for forgiveness to anyone I did!  Ha!

 Adam's mom played with the children while we worked.

Papa put up the swing for Claire.

I didn't get photos of everyone who helped, but we sooo appreciated all who did!

Wallpaper is finally off the wall.

I painted Numbers 6:24 - the blessing - on their wall before painting over it.

Painting is now all completed!   (except for the basement, which will wait until after the move)  I'll try to get a picture of the finish another time.

The children have done so well during this whole time.  They LOVE their new house and are excited to move into it!  Such an answer to prayer!  It has been good to have a couple of weeks to just work on the house before the move.

Claire loves her "ba-booz" (babies)


 Got the idea off someone's blog to print out some geometric coloring sheets - thanks!!  the girls loved that!

A beautiful sunset seen on our way back home.

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Kerry said...

It sure looks like the house is coming together. It is always so nice to work together I think. And of course you can quote me on anything regarding what I said on my post about the cemetery. I hope you have a great day!