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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kids come

Because their Daddy was at a conference in Indiana, the girls and their Mommy came to stay with us a couple of nights.  Jill took the older girls shopping for school supplies.  Claire and I enjoyed the outdoors.

Claire discovered our water fountain.

"Hi Mr. Squirrel!"
 (aren't her sparkly shoes so pretty??)

Claire has become quite a ham.  Love this cute little face she makes!

Bath time is one of the girls' favorite times.

Bedtime stories - this was a fun book to read because I have been telling the girls about our Swiss/German heritage and how they came over on a ship, just like Jessie, in this story did.

Playing in the basement
Hannah makes "coffee"

Going for a walk around the lake 

there were some humongous mushrooms!  At least 6-7 inches tall

So nice to see the lake filling back up after the drought we have had the past couple of years.

Of course now, the rain can stop.  Places are flooding around here.

morning fog

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