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Monday, January 27, 2014

Kansas Day

Wednesday, January 29, is Kansas Day.  
Kansas became a state in 1861.

There was a celebration at  the Kaufman Museum in North Newton to 
honor our state's heritage this past weekend.  We girls decided to go.

We dressed appropriately - a Kansa Indian, a Kansas college shirt, a prairie immigrant and I wore sunflower earrings and necklace.

 The Cheese-heads stayed home to "watch" Claire while she napped.

One wonderful thing about Kansas - we often have mild days even in January!  The next evening, a cold front came through with 60 mph winds and brrr cold temps!  The high today was 20.  Grateful for a very nice day that day!

 There were wagon rides

Joseph Loganbill, a native artist, had set up his easel and was painting.

Old-fashioned games

shelling field corn

popping corn in a kettle

Sophia especially loved watching the Bethel College girls perform ballet.

Brad Sneed, native author

In front of her great-great-great grandmother's log cabin.  (Mary Graber)

I guess this must be a representation of Al's great-grandpa?

I could not begin to imagine how it must have been to live in that cabin especially through a long winter.
 clay works

I could hear some pretty good drumming.  
Looked around the corner and there was the awesome Tracy family!

 I am not a native Kansan.  We moved here when I was 16.  I didn't know anything at all about the Wizard of Oz until after I was married.  Hard to believe.  But now I love Kansas!  And so glad to celebrate her birthday!
Such a fun day!

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The Sieberts said...

i didn't know that cabin was in relation to Al's family. so cool! we love Kansas Day and were so excited for the nice weather :)