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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Grace Ladies' Night Out

Our church had a ladies' night out -
complete with our own barista!

We got comfortable...

We played a game called "Conformity".
 Lisa said that she knows that the Bible says "we are not to conform to the ways of this world" (Romans 12:2) but the object of this game was to conform.
 We each took turns thinking of 1-5 things.
              3 kinds of soap
              3 favorite pets
              2 top US airlines
              5 vegetables you like to plant
              5 qualities of a good friend
              1 item of clothing.....
 You get the picture
 Then we would go around and if others had what you had written down, you got points for these

Those with the 2 bottom scores had to move their game pieces up the ladder.  The one who moved the furthest was the least to conform and would lose.  Our game pieces were little pom-poms that we borrowed from the resource room.  If you look at the photo with the paper ladder, you will see a white pom-pom belonging to A.D.
   She did not conform and thereby, lost the game.

We broke out for our snacks and lattes.

Although several people brought table games, we decided to do another group game.  Telephone pictionary.

Everyone gets a stack of papers (as many as there are people).  Everyone came up with phrases -
it can be anything, like "Hey diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle" or "two girls run a marathon" or whatever you want.

After we came up with a phrase, we all passed our stacks of paper to the person at the right.
That person would look at the phrase, then put it at the back of the stack.
Then she would draw a picture of the phrase.
After the timer would go off, the stack was passed to the next person who would look at the picture, put it behind the stack and write a phrase of what she thought the picture says.
By the time it goes around the room, it is so funny to see what happens to the original thought.  My original phrase was "ladies having so much fun playing games together and eating yummy food" but went to "2 girls having pizza but the boy is bummed with only pop" and ended up with something about a person in bed craving pizza.

Much like rumors are passed.

A fun evening with some new friends!

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