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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hand me downs

I didn't have a sister so I didn't get hand-me-downs.
 I know Mindy got lots of hand-me-downs.

I did get hand-me-downs in another way.  As an MK (missionary kid), we often received missionary barrels.  These were filled with all kinds of things.  I wasn't so excited about the clothing sent from the churches in the States, but I sure looked forward to receiving toys!  Unless the dolls were quite "used" with hair falling out. That did sometimes happen, unfortunately. 

One of my friends who was an MK in Ethiopia says she remembers that they got some used tea bags.  No kidding!  The lady who sent them said there was still some "goody" left in them.  Goodness.

My brother Dave and his wife, Linda are very generous and they have often given us or the kids hand-me-downs.  Nice ones!
This week we drove to KC because they had a washer and dryer set they wanted to give to our daughter and husband.

After a delicious chili luncheon, we drove to the kids' and switched out the old for the new.

And the kids enjoyed their rides.

 My mom was going to make this trip to KC too, but instead is still in the hospital.  We are hoping for her dismissal this week.  Looking forward to her recovery.

Many thanks, Dave and Linda!!

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