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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

C&C - Cookout and celebration

Hannah and Jill's birthdays are just 4 days apart.  
We had a cookout and celebration for them.

 Emeri and Eli helped me make some cupcakes.
 Al and Josh hung up streamers.

Hannah ordered brats and Jill ordered chicken.
The birthday persons get to decide what the meal will be in our family.

Hugs from Aunt Mindy

Adam's parents came and Josh and Al 
went to pick up my parents from the home.


This present from Mindy was the best!

The cousins all got gift bags.

Jill got a bag she wanted.
 The kids played "pin the nose on Olaf" (complements of Josh's great artistic ability!)


Hannah changed clothes into the puppy clothes her Gramsi sewed for her!

Happy birthday, Hannah!
Happy birthday, Jill!

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