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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Small town

Lately I've made several trips to the small town where the kids live.

The drive over is pleasant.  I take different routes.
On one route I usually see wild turkeys.  Yesterday I saw several strutting close to the highway, just like the picture above (which I did not take).

On another route, I love the rolling hills.  The road is actually called Happy Hills Road.  Looks like this road!
I know some people would get nauseous on that road, but I really enjoy it and there is a farm on that road that I salivate over each time!

Hannah had a friend's party at the ministry center and I went to help out.  Actually, I didn't help with the party - I took Claire home for her nap so they could have the party during nap time.

Claire and I did get to have lunch and eat cake before nap time though.

Didn't Jill do a great job on this cake??!

I have also been helping out this week some  Today Sophia had library hour in the morning and while she was doing that, Claire and I went to the post office to mail a couple of packages.  Claire was so excited because they had a tub of dum-dums!

I made a stop at the..
for some good Mennonite-made bierrocks to take home.  

Then we made a stop at the small town grocery store.

Of course I had to buy their famous sausage too!

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