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Monday, March 10, 2014


Mom and Dad are so much in love.  
They kiss a lot!
This past week, a room opened up finally at the home where Daddy is so I moved Mom from the nursing home in Hesston to the one he lives in.  Her room is beside Daddy's with a nurses station between them.
They don't have double rooms at this home.  But it's ok.  Her room is sweet.  I like the double windows on the corner.

We decided to cut Mom's hair.  The front of her head had been shaved for her surgery, but the back was left long.  At first we talked about tapering it, but then I decided to show mom some pictures of some modern women.  Models (I guess.  I don't know who they are)  


"Mom, what about getting a buzz cut?  Then it would all grow in at the same time and besides, you would look modern and classy!"  She thought that would be a good idea!

My friend Sheryl used to be a hairdresser.  She offered to do it for us.

Daddy wanted his hair cut too. 
 Don't they look like a classy couple?!

Of course, we could have really gone thoroughly modern....


mama Mary said...
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Sachiko said...

I'm so happy to hear that your mom has moved to your dad's place! They are a sweet couple.