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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Al & Josh's trip to Israel

Josh sent several pictures of their trip to Israel.  


A copy cat coffee house

Wilderness of Zinn
Moses struck the rock twice

En Gedi, where David hid from Saul


Dead Sea

Caesarea Maritime

Jerusalem Museum 

Oldest known fragment of a Biblical text
found on a silver scroll amulet
from time of 7th century B.C.
The Aaronic blessing, sometimes called the Father's Blessing
was written on this tiny scroll.
My father would pray this blessing over my children when they were young.

With archeologist, Dr. Gabi Barkay, who found this oldest Scripture.
They date 300 years older than the Dead Sea Scrolls!
I was so excited that Allen brought back a necklace with this blessing on it!

An altar

Jesus traveled through Samaria
Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Ebal
Jacob's well is deep within this church

Hezekiah's tunnel 

wilderness - Jesus was tempted somewhere around here

Start of the Jordan river

bethpage or pre-figs

 Ein Gev, looking over Sea of Galilee, where they stayed for part of their time
 Mustard seed

Entrance to burial spot of Abraham and Sarah.  Last time they sent someone down to explore it, they came back up because the place was crawling with snakes!  Sounds like Indiana Jones!

Jim and Al

Agora community center of Samaria.  
Phillip would have spoken to the people here.
Earthquake damage.

Only a few graves with the stone left

 It has been fun to go through the pictures.  Some of these places we went to last year, but some are new places.  If you wish to look at some more, check out Josh's flicker sight.  He is still working on loading these pictures - he took a LOT of photos!

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