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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Send off

A couple of weeks ago, we drove down to Arkansas.

Papa sure loves to play with his grandkids!
The reason we went down was that Al and Josh were headed to Israel together.
We took pictures before going to the airport.

Emeri had gone to school so she wasn't able to come to the airport with us.

A great father/son time together!

 Last kisses for awhile!

 Good-bye for 2 weeks, guys!  We knew they were going to have a great study tour!

Staci,  Eli and I ran to Wal-mart.  I couldn't believe it but we ran into Kristin!!  They moved here from Kansas.  Kristin and Nate used to be in our young married's community life group from church.  How fun to see her again!

Staci and I had a project to complete.
We were going to paint their master bathroom!

 We recruited my friend's daughter, who also has moved to NW Arkansas and goes to Josh's church!

Thank you so much, Andrea!

Isn't this so nice?!

The kids kept busy while we were painting in the 
little card table house I made for them.

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